Me and My Vision

My name is Nicklas Johansson and I’m the owner and the craftsman behind this business I have named Bjarkatrollir. I am born and raised in a small city called Boden in the county of Norrbotten in northern Sweden. I have been faithful to my hometown but also been travelling a lot and working in different places. I have always been interested in art and crafts. Especially art from viking and medieval age. This is one of the reasons I started this company. That’s all about me. If you wanna know more. Just ask.

Bjarkatrollir is the name of my company and many asks whats the meaning of that. You could say that the word relates to old norse. The language that was spoken in Scandinavia in old times. Bjarka is a rune that means heritage harmony and healing. Its also a rune for nature and the creatures that lives there. Trolls and goblins. Elves and giants. Do they exist? Of course they do. We just cant see them. This is where I get my inspiration from.

My vision for this company is a mixture between old and new. I create new things that are inspired from the past. I sell my stuff on this webshop and on markets. The new way and the old way. But this is not all. I also do courses in silversmithing and stonecutting.